Clinton In-Floor Heating

Perk's Electric LLC specialists provide radiant heating systems, also known as in-floor heating, that supply heat through the floor and wall panels using an electric tubing system that can be installed in any Clinton commercial or residential location. Invisible and silent waves of thermal comfort gently warm objects and surfaces to evenly distribute heat throughout a room. Highly energy efficient and designed to significantly outlast traditional electric heating systems by several years, radiant heating systems offer the ultimate in heating comfort and cost efficiency.

Benefits of Radiant Heating Systems

  • Thermal efficiency – Radiant floor systems not only heat up a space, but gently warm the surfaces within a room providing heat efficiency at a lower overall room temperature. Most systems allow for a comfortable temperature reduction of 5 – 7 degrees.
  • Zone Control – The radiant system permits variable heat management that allow you to select specific areas or rooms to be heated at different temperatures within a single system
  • Elimination of air-borne allergens – Since radiant heating does not involve air circulation, the airborne particles associated with asthma and allergy irritants present in traditional heating systems, are non-existent. Radiant heating is a tidy and hygienic system that does not distribute dust, odors or germs throughout a home or commercial location.
  • Durability – For industrial locations in particular, a concrete slab radiant heating system is virtually indestructible and ideal for cost effective heating to any industrial building, entertainment areas and residential basements.
  • Energy Efficiency – Radiant heat systems can sustain a comfortable heating at lower temperatures by heating objects and individuals without wasting heat where it is not needed reducing consumption and costs significantly.

Residential Radiant Floor Heating

Although radiant heating systems can be used to heat an entire house in Clinton, many homeowners with an existing central heating system may select specific areas for installation that are easily adapted to accommodate radiant heating. Ideal for new constructions, radiant heating can be installed under a variety of floor coverings.

Commercial Radiant Floor Heating

Used as the main heating system or in combination with traditional forced air systems radiant heating is ideal for large industrial buildings and warehouses in Clinton as a cost effective and energy saving heating system. Compatible with wood, tile, stone, laminate, or concrete floor coverings, Perk's Electric LLC electric floor heating guarantees the even distribution of comfortable temperatures for large buildings with high ceilings and expansive windows.

The Bottom Line

Efficient heat distribution results in lower energy costs. Since the entire surface of a floor that is equipped with a radiant heating system can easily emit the equivalent of the average body temperature; an ideal comfort level is reached at a lower thermostat level. (65 degrees F (18C).

Qualitied Electrical Heating Experts

Licensed Perk's Electric LLC electricians are available to evaluate your Clinton location and recommend, plan and install the most cost effective heating method that meets your particular needs.

Did you know?

A form of radiant floor heating (hypocaust) was used by the ancient Romans who channeled warm air under the floors of their villas and bathhouses. This system was the forerunner for today’s modern central heating.